Having a Poor Body Image Linked to Alcohol Consumption for Women

Recent studies have shown that teenage girls and young adult women who have a poor body image are more likely to consume more alcohol. This is because the way that we see ourselves often corresponds to the way we treat ourselves and our body.

Alcohol consumption is already a widespread problem in America. It is integrated into the culture. On every sit-com, people are drinking. At every sporting event, people are drinking. At every celebration, people are drinking. Not drinking often makes people uncomfortable, the way vegetarians often make meat eaters uncomfortable.

For girls with poor body images, the issue is even worse as seen with the rise of popularity in college women having “drunkorexia”. “Drunkorexia” is a term for self-imposed binging and purging and/or starvation in combination with binge drinking. Women in colleges who know they are going out for a night of drinking will not eat anything all day so that the alcohol will have more of an effect or so that they are allowed to drink more calories.

A recent study surveyed nearly 7,000 young women ages 14-18+ and found that 5 percent reported having poor body image, 7 percent have had at least one drink in their lives, and 8 percent had episodes including heavy drinking within the past 30 days. The study also found that among the girls who reported having a poor body image, they had a much greater chance of using alcohol.

This is one of the complexities that can make addiction and alcoholism for women different than it is for men. If you are suffering from alcoholism, it is extremely important that you seek appropriate rehabilitation to treat your disease. Visiting a rehab facility such as The Recovery Village is not only necessary, it is essential for your recovery.